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Creative Director / Photographer

Howwwl Digital, The Red Whistle,

Headshot Clinic, Platform 360


Niccolo Cosme started his career in the field of photography in 2001. He has always been fascinated with meanings and symbolisms and in Christian iconography which is present in most of his conceptual and some commercial works. Greatly inspired by pain and sorrow in Christian iconography, he is able to create beautiful and compelling work of arts, which he uses to further LGBTQIA+ and HIV causes in the Philippines. Recognized by many for his obvious talent, Niccolo has worked on different campaigns in the Philippines and abroad.


Niccolo initiated The Project Headshot Clinic, a small project born out of curiosity, in 2007. Today, it has grown into a concept that merges online profile photos with advertising to promote awareness on socially relevant issues such as equality for LGBTQIA+, women empowerment, climate crisis, HIV and AIDS etc. The Project Headshot Clinic has tied up with companies/organizations, such as UNAIDS, other UN agencies, Save The Children and other organizations and has accomplished projects in other countries around South East Asia and the USA. Now, Project Headshot Clinic on its 14thyear is now an established brand under Howwwl Digital, a registered digital advertising agency of whom Cosme is founder and CEO.


He also founded The Red Whistle campaign in 2011, a non government organization created as a community response to the alarming situation of HIV and AIDS in the Philippines. He collaborated with different civil society and nongovernment organizations to further this cause. Niccolo is also a supporter of Human Rights, the Anti- Discrimination Bill, and Climate Change and was at the forefront in the lobbying of the Reproductive Health Bill, which was eventually passed as a law. He considers activism an integral part of himself as an artist and as a humanitarian. On the same year in 2011 he was hailed “Pioneer for life” for Levi’s “Go Forth” (Levi’s global campaign) in the Philippines.


In 2011, Niccolo Cosme topped the 7th annual Professional Photographers of America (PPA) Affiliate Asian-Pacific Image Competition in Seoul, Korea with his artwork, The Brotherhood of Men. It garnered a total score of 91, making it first prize among more than 400 entries from different countries that included Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, and Korea. 

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